George Stephanopoulos Questions Biden’s Ability to Serve Another Term

Caught on Camera: ABC news anchor George Stephanopoulos, known for his recent interview with President Biden about his presidential fitness, was recorded on Tuesday expressing doubt about Biden’s ability to serve another four years. In the video, Stephanopoulos, just off-camera, is heard on unclear audio stating, “he can’t serve four more years.”

Admission of Comment: Later that day, Stephanopoulos confirmed he was the person in the video. “Earlier today, I answered a passerby’s question. It was inappropriate,” he admitted in a statement. An ABC spokesperson clarified that Stephanopoulos was sharing his personal view, not the network’s position.

Significant Timing: These remarks come shortly after Stephanopoulos’s crucial interview with Biden. During the interview, he firmly asked the 46th president if he could genuinely serve another term following a recent, less-than-stellar debate performance.

Firm Response from Biden: Despite the pointed questioning, Biden insisted he has the stamina to continue. Stephanopoulos challenged him, “Are you sure you’re being honest with yourself about your mental and physical capacity to serve another four years?” Biden firmly affirmed his readiness for another term.