Another victory for Donald Trump and the defendants, who have been apprehended, accepting plea agreements, and assisting the prosecution, A Georgia appeals court has postponed the election subversion conspiracy case against Donald Trump and several of his co-defendants. This is a significant victory for the former president, who wants to continue the legal challenges until 2025 or end them altogether. In an apparent indication that a trial in the state-level Georgia election subversion case is unlikely to occur before the 2024 presidential election, the Georgia Court of Appeals filed a fresh order on Wednesday. The court has placed the case on hold so that a group of judges will have more time to decide whether to remove Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from office. Delays in Florida benefit Trump as well. In the meantime, the federal judge presiding over Trump’s Florida case involving secret documents has demonstrated a tendency to spend a significant amount of in-court time considering his petitions to challenge the qualifications of investigators and his prosecutors. Aileen Cannon, the judge in question, stated on Wednesday that she will spend a day and a half this month hearing arguments regarding the legitimacy of Trump’s prosecutor. She seems still open to holding a hearing in which Trump might try to put federal investigators under oath so his lawyers could question them.