Naomi, the daughter of Hunter Biden, testified on Friday that her father was drug-free and “hopeful” in mid-2018, just before he made that claim on a firearms application. That assertion was swiftly refuted, though, by her own distressed texts, which made clear the tension in their relationship at the time.

Washington attorney Naomi Biden, 30, stood forward to back up her father’s claim that he was making a lot of effort to kick his alcohol and crack cocaine addiction. During her August 2018 visit to Los Angeles, she claimed that he was “the clearest” she had seen him in years.

But under spirited cross-examination, her claim appeared to waver. Her communications from Hunter Biden’s visit to New York City in mid-October 2018 were read aloud by the prosecution. At that time, Naomi Biden was starting her second year of law school and living with her boyfriend.

When her texts were read back to her—texts that the jury was not shown—Naomi Biden looked reserved. She said she “did not recall” sending them when questioned about her mental state. She left the stand and went straight to the defense table to see her father. They hugged for almost a minute before they left the courtroom together.