Philadelphia radio host Andrea Lawful-Sanders, who recently conducted President Joe Biden’s first interview after his challenging debate performance on June 27, has resigned. Lawful-Sanders revealed she had asked Biden questions provided by his aides.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Lawful-Sanders announced her resignation from WURD Radio, stating the station had accepted her decision.

Station’s Response and Commitment to Independence

WURD Radio, Pennsylvania’s only African American-owned and operated radio station, issued a statement confirming Lawful-Sanders’ resignation. The statement emphasized that the interview was arranged without management’s knowledge or approval, and accepting pre-supplied questions from Biden’s team breached the station’s editorial independence.

The statement, from CEO Sara Lomax, asserted, “WURD Radio is not a mouthpiece for the Biden or any other administration.” Lomax added that the station would review its policies to re-establish its independence and trust with listeners. The station also criticized the White House for continuing a historical trend of marginalizing Black voices in the media.

Revelation on CNN and Interview Details

Lawful-Sanders appeared on CNN’s “First of All” with Victor Blackwell a day before her resignation, revealing that she had used four of the eight questions provided by Biden’s team for the interview that aired on July 4. She confirmed, “The questions were sent to me for approval – I approved of them.”

Another radio host, Earl Ingram of Milwaukee, also aired an interview with Biden on July 4 and confirmed he received questions from Biden’s staff. Ingram, who has a primarily Black audience, stated he asked four out of the five supplied questions, mentioning the president’s extensive answers limited his ability to ask follow-ups.

Debate Performance and Democratic Party Concerns

Biden’s debate performance against Donald Trump drew criticism for his hoarse voice and occasional difficulty in completing thoughts. Some Democrats suggested he should withdraw from the re-election race. Despite these concerns, Biden urged voters in interviews with Lawful-Sanders and Ingram to judge him by his presidential record, not his debate performance.

Moving Forward

In her resignation video, Lawful-Sanders expressed gratitude for her time at WURD Radio and hinted at future plans, saying, “Life is moving. Things are shifting and changing.”


The controversy surrounding the supplied questions highlights ongoing concerns about media independence and the representation of Black voices. WURD Radio’s commitment to policy review aims to maintain trust and editorial integrity with its audience.