Heavyweight Conservatives Strategize for Potential Second Trump Term

Conservative Roadmap Unveiled

A coalition of heavyweight conservatives has crafted a comprehensive strategy for a potential second Trump presidency, aiming to recruit and train personnel for a future conservative administration. This initiative, known as Project 2025, is spearheaded by the Heritage Foundation and outlines extensive plans across more than 900 pages.

Dismantling and Restructuring the Government

Project 2025 envisions a significant overhaul of the federal government, proposing to eliminate numerous appointed roles and fill agencies with political appointees loyal to Trump’s policy agenda. The project advocates for stringent immigration policies, curtailing LGBTQ+ and abortion rights, reducing environmental protections, reforming financial policies, and adopting a tougher stance on China.

Trump’s Ambivalent Stance

Despite efforts to distance himself from Project 2025, Trump’s policies closely align with its goals. Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts’s comment on a “second American Revolution” has added to the controversy, although Trump has attempted to downplay his involvement. Democrats and the Biden campaign have highlighted Project 2025 to inform voters about potential changes in a second Trump term.

Four Pillars of Project 2025

The project consists of four pillars designed to extend conservative influence throughout the US government:

Roadmap: A detailed document outlining steps for a conservative president to reverse Biden administration directives and implement right-wing ideals.
Personnel Database: A comprehensive list of potential candidates for a conservative administration, trained through the “Presidential Administration Academy.”
Training Programs: Programs designed to educate prospective appointees on government operations and conservative governance.
Transition Playbook: A strategic guide to help the next president swiftly implement conservative policies upon taking office.
Conservative Consensus and Heritage Foundation’s Role

Project 2025’s “Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise” is a culmination of efforts by numerous right-wing groups and former Trump officials. While not explicitly aimed at Trump, the themes and strategies closely mirror his policy objectives. The Heritage Foundation, renowned for its influence on past Republican administrations, leads this initiative.

Heritage Foundation’s Legacy

The Heritage Foundation has a history of shaping conservative policies, most notably influencing Ronald Reagan’s administration in 1981. The foundation claims that a significant portion of its recommendations were adopted by Reagan and later by Trump during his first term. The current project includes support from around 100 conservative organizations, marking an unprecedented collaboration within the conservative movement.

Trump’s Relationship with Heritage

Despite Trump’s attempts to distance himself from Project 2025, his connections with the Heritage Foundation are well-documented. Former Heritage staffers held key positions in his first administration, and Trump has previously endorsed Heritage’s policy proposals. The foundation credits Trump for implementing a significant percentage of its recommendations during his first term.


Project 2025 represents a concerted effort by conservatives to prepare for a potential second Trump administration, with a detailed roadmap and extensive training programs. While Trump publicly distances himself from the project, the alignment of his policies with its goals suggests a continued influence of the Heritage Foundation and its conservative agenda.