Supporters of Stormy Daniels have raised more than $900,000 to aid her relocation and cover legal fees following her crucial testimony in the criminal trial that resulted in Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 felonies.

GoFundMe Campaign for Safety

The funds have been collected through a GoFundMe campaign initiated by a friend and former manager of Daniels. Recently, Daniels appeared on MSNBC, sharing the severe social media harassment and threats she and her family have faced from Trump supporters, including threats of violence.

Urgent Need for Safety

“It’s become unsafe for her family and her pets,” wrote campaign organizer Dwayne Crawford. The campaign, which aims to raise $1 million, emphasizes the necessity of relocating Daniels and her family to a safe location where they can live securely.

Mounting Legal Fees

Daniels also requires financial assistance to manage the accumulating legal fees. “Stormy needs help to continue to pay the mounting fees so that Trump doesn’t just win because his pocketbook seems endless,” Crawford added.

I Stand with Stormy Daniels Campaign

As of Friday, the campaign titled I Stand with Stormy Daniels had garnered over $940,000 from approximately 17,600 donors. Daniels’ testimony was pivotal in Trump’s conviction in May for falsifying business records.

Background of the Case

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, received $130,000 to remain silent about an alleged extramarital encounter with Trump. This payment was misreported as legal expenses, leading to Trump’s conviction, assisted by Daniels’ testimony.

Supreme Court Ruling Impact

The US Supreme Court recently ruled that presidents have broad immunity from prosecution for actions taken in office. This ruling offers Trump hope as he faces other criminal charges. Subsequently, New York Judge Juan Merchan delayed Trump’s sentencing from 11 July to 18 September.

Threats and Harassment

Daniels revealed to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that she had been bombarded with threats against her and her family. “I’ve lost my peace, my daughter’s privacy, and time – time I’ll never get back with her,” Daniels lamented.

Financial Struggles

Daniels owes $500,000 in attorney fees from a 2018 defamation lawsuit against Trump, which she cannot afford to pay. Among her supporters is writer E. Jean Carroll, who also sued Trump for rape and defamation and won nearly $90 million in civil penalties.

Opposition and Controversy

Daniels’ former attorney, Michael Avenatti, who is imprisoned for defrauding her, criticized the fundraising campaign, calling it a “GoFundMe grift” and downplaying the threats. His comments were met with backlash, with some accusing him of seeking a pardon from Trump.

Crawford’s Motivation

Crawford, the campaign organizer, shared his motivation: “If we allow Stormy, after standing up to the president, to lose her life, liberty, or happiness, then we have failed at the very core of what this nation was built upon.”